What would it be like to be so desperate that you’d put your family on a leaky inflatable boat on dangerous seas to escape? Or that you’d take your family to a crowded refugee camp where the food and water are scarce, but it’s better than home right now.

We believe this situation breaks God’s heart, and that He has called us to join Him at work among refugees.  The circumstances are tragic, but it’s also an incredible opportunity for the gospel.

Who are they?

People forced to flee their home by threat of war or persecution.

What countries are refugees escaping from?  

Many countries: Bangladesh, Bhutan Burma, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, and many more.

How can we all help? 

  1. By partnering with World Relief, a world expert in refugee assistance.
  2. By giving: Our special Christmas giving project this year will go 100% to World Relief to assist and to resettle some refugee families in our area.
  3. By personal involvement: World Relief will train some SCC people to be a Good Neighbor Team that will welcome and assist one or more refugee familiesfor 6 months as they resettle and being their lives again in our area.

Note: If you use our regular online giving to contribute toward this project, please select "Designated Fund" and write "Refugees" in the note section.

more information about this project

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
Questions About Refugees (PDF)
Screening Process (PDF)