Coming to SCC October 6, 2019


Truth Remains is a non-profit ministry organization that aims to remind the church of its history, call believers back to the ancient paths found in the Word of God, and bolster confidence in Scripture.

“The halls of church history are covered in the blood of countless martyrs who have given their lives to defend, proclaim and preserve the very same Bible that we hold in our hands today. This is, of course, easy to forget in an age when we can access the Bible at the click of a button. It is our desire at Truth Remains to expose, inspire and convict English speaking Christians with the stories of men and women who died so that we might read the Word of God in our own language.”

- David and Nathan Parsons of Truth Remains

Come hold a 500 year old bible in your hands! 8:00am-12pm | Student Center

Tyndale New Testament

Tyndale New Testament

About the Tyndale New Testament

In 1522, William Tyndale began translating the Bible into English from the original Greek at a time it was illegal to do so. The Latin Vulgate was the only translation authorized by the Roman Catholic Church, making Scripture inaccessible to the layman. Tyndale boldly challenged the Church, risking his life so that “the ploughboy would know more of the Scripture than the priests.” Tyndale’s New Testament was published in 1526 and God’s Word was unleashed in England.

The impact of Tyndale’s work cannot be overstated. Tyndale shaped the English language, creating words like “beautiful” and phrases like “let there be light.” His New Testament was condemned by Catholic officials in England, and eventually Tyndale was betrayed by a friend and handed over the authorities. Before the executioner strangled the life out of his body, Tyndale exclaimed, “Lord, open the King of England’s eyes!”

Truth Remains is privileged to own one of the few Tyndale New Testaments left in existence (most copies were banned and burned, after all!), and is excited to bring it to Snohomish Community Church.

This is just one of the many bibles you will see when Truth Remains brings their incredible museum here to SCC on October 6th!

Who is Truth Remains?

David Parsons

David Parsons

Dave Parsons: While he has always had a passion for the Bible, in the early 2000s Dave discovered became enthralled with the stories of the English Reformation. He launched Truth Remains in 2012 to help tell those stories. He lives in Woodinville with his wife, Cheri, has four sons and is an elder at Redemption Hill Bible Church in Bellevue.

Nathan Parsons

Nathan Parsons

Nathan Parsons: Nathan joined Truth Remains in 2014 and currently works as the ministry’s live events manager. A Woodinville native, Nathan currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky where he attends the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with his wife, Maya.